Yuchen Hong (洪雨辰)

Yuchen Hong is a Ph.D. student in the Camera Intelligence Lab of Peking University, supervised by Prof. Boxin Shi. He received the B.E. degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommuications (BUPT) in 2020.

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My research interests include computational photography and computer vision.

Panoramic Image Reflection Removal
Yuchen Hong*, Qian Zheng*, Lingran Zhao, Xudong Jiang, Alex C. Kot, Boxin Shi
CVPR , 2021

This paper studies the problem of panoramic image reflection removal, aiming at reliving the content ambiguity between reflection and transmission scenes.

Near-Infrared Image Guided Reflection Removal
Yuchen Hong, Youwei Lyu, Si Li, Boxin Shi
ICME , 2020   (Oral Presentation)

This paper proposes a two-stream neural network to remove undesired reflections in an RGB image with the guidance of an NIR image.

Thank Dr. Jon Barron for sharing the source code of his personal page.